2019年11月9日 星期六

Atrial Fibrillation Detection Blood Pressure Monitor Oscillometric Method

This project is electronic blood pressure monitor research platform with Oscillometric method, include SBP and DBP estimate algorithm, Atrial Fibrillation detection algorithm, calibration curve, GUI tool for fine-tune BP algorithm...etc, ofcourse, this is research use only.

2019年9月29日 星期日

Enable STM32F4 FPU

1. stm32f4.h add
#include <arm_math.h>
2.system_stm32f4xx.c - void SystemInit(void) add
#if (__FPU_PRESENT == 1) && (__FPU_USED == 1)
SCB->CPACR |= ((3UL <<10*2)|(3UL <<11*2));/* set CP10 and CP11 Full Access */
3.main.c add
#define __FPU_PRESENT
#define __FPU_USED

wxECGAnalyzer - cross platform ECG signal process tool

Detection of abnormal rhythm morphologies is more difficult than normal beat, therefore, we need to collect abnormal rhythm signals in clinical practice  to improve the detection of QRS-complex.

This project is for Electrocardiogram(ECG) signal algorithms design and validation, include preprocessing, QRS-Complex detection, embedded system validation, ECG segmentation, label your machine learning dataset, and clinical trial...etc.

For algorithm performance, in ANSI/AAMI EC38,it is required that the detected QRS shall in the 150ms range of the signed point from annotation by human exper.


2019年7月21日 星期日

Cross-Platform Serial Port Library

This is cross-platform(build passing High-Sierra and Win10) serial port library written in C++ , and for demo application wxTerm.

SerialPortLibrary in more detail : Github